Best Electric Cars Under 5 Lakhs in India in 2024

As more EV vehicles enter the market, customers are getting a wider range of options at affordable prices. In this blog, we’re going to look at the best electric cars under 5 lakhs in India.

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Best Electric Cars

Top 5 Electric Cars Under 5 Lakhs in India

It looks like the electric vehicle market is going to be huge in the next few years – it’s estimated that it’ll be worth at least Rs.475 billion by 2025! But there are a lot of challenges ahead, like the cost of an electric vehicle, which almost 63% of people say they can’t afford. Everyone has their own budget when it comes to buying an EV, so it can be a bit scary to buy electric cars under 5 lakhs in India.

With all the tech jargon and advancements, it seems like the world is changing – we’re no longer just looking at mileage, but charging time too. Petrol pumps will soon be replaced by charging stations, and we’ll live in a new world that only books can tell us about.

But change is inevitable, so let’s embrace it like you would if you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle.

When we think of electric cars, we think of big names like Tesla, and with them comes a hefty price tag. However, now, Indian brands are stepping up to the challenge and it’s a necessity of the moment.

Many car manufacturers are entering the electric vehicle space and many are being born specifically for this purpose. It’s good news for all. As more players enter the market, customers are getting a wider range of options at affordable prices.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the best electric cars in India under 5 lakh. Please keep reading to know our picks.

Best Electric Cars Under 5 Lakhs in India

1. Strom Motors R3

The Strom Motors R3 is an electric hatchback car that adds to the growing lineup of electric vehicles in India. It features a futuristic design that appeals to potential buyers, with its sleek 2-seater layout and 2-door configuration. The car comes in a single variant and offers an all-electric touchscreen interface, providing a modern and user-friendly experience. It is available in four different colors, allowing customers to choose their preferred style. The Strom Motors R3 comes with a range of 200 km, a top speed of 80 kmph, and a mileage cost of ₹0.40 per kilometer. It takes approximately 3.4 hours to fully charge the car, making it convenient for daily use.

The Strom Motors R3’s ex-showroom price in New Delhi is ₹4.50 lakhs, positioning it as an accessible option for electric car enthusiasts. With a seating capacity of 2, this compact electric car is ideal for urban commuting and short trips. Whether it’s the impressive range, attractive design, or cost-efficient mileage, the Strom Motors R3 offers a compelling package for those seeking an affordable electric car in India.

2. Tata Nano Electric (Jayem Neo)

In November 2017, a partnership was announced between Tata Motors and Jayem Automotives with the aim of producing an electric version of the Tata Nano called the Jayem Neo. It is expected to launch anytime soon in the first quarter of 2024.

The Tata Nano EV presents a distinctive solution for individuals seeking an affordable electric car in India. It offers remarkable value for money, boasting a range of up to 150 km on a single charge. The interior of the car provides ample space and comfort, ensuring sufficient legroom for passengers.

With a top speed of 80 km/h, the Tata Nano EV is suitable for urban driving. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact battery pack contribute to easy maneuverability. Considering its modest price and budget-friendly battery pack, the Tata Nano EV emerges as an exceptional choice for those in search of an economical electric vehicle in India.

3. PMV EaS E

Consider the PMV EaS E as a compelling choice in the electric cars under 5 lakhs category, priced at ₹4.79 lakh. Developed by the Indian startup PMV Electric, this compact two-door electric vehicle is specifically designed for daily urban commuting. It boasts a range of features, including dual front airbags, a rear parking camera, anti-theft sensors, auto air conditioning, and a digital driver’s display.

Equipped with a 48V battery pack, the EaS E delivers a range of 200 km on a full charge. Charging is convenient, taking approximately 4.5 hours with a 3.3kW AC charger. With its combination of features and performance, the PMV EaS E presents an appealing option for individuals venturing into the realm of electric vehicles for the first time.


As the electric vehicle industry in India continues to gain momentum, it is becoming increasingly evident that a future dominated by eco-friendly and affordable electric vehicles is not too far away.

Major car manufacturers have already revealed their ambitious plans for expanding their electric vehicle offerings, signaling the immense potential within this field. This positive trend bodes well for the Indian market, as it suggests that more electric cars priced under 10 lakhs or 15 Lakhs could soon become a reality.

By choosing to invest in an electric car, you are actively contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future. You can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change and shape a more sustainable future for generations to come. So, let’s embrace this transformative era and drive towards a greener tomorrow together.

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